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Why I Wrote the Book?

I wrote this book for all the children who didn't get to immerse themselves in their cultures.

As a child I too was told to adapt to the culture of where I was.

I have learned children are most accepting of others when they know who they truly are.

Little Zoey teaches children to be the best they can be and love everything about themselves. and enjoy the cultural diversity of others. Who cares what others think it's what's in your heart that matters. 

Zoey Wonders Why

ISBN information

  • 979-8-9856400-0-7 (hardback)

  • 979-8-9856400-1-4 (paperback)

  • 979-8-9856400-2-1 (ebook)

Meet Zoey, a curious five year old kindergartener who is full of spunk and character.

She speaks her mind but sometimes a little too much.


Will Zoey hide her true self to fit in, or will she shine bright like the stars?

Can she conquer her fears and love herself for all that she is?


Join her adventures into a diverse world of many beautiful traditions and customs.

Let’s learn together with little Zoey about being the best that we can be in all walks of life.

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The Creators

The Author

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Nadia Khan

The Illustrator

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Tasya Nabiella

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