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The Reviews are in.......

Read all about it !!!! Zoey Wonders Why is making headway in reviews.

It was a great pleasure today to get an email from the Readers Favorite Awards with a review about my book Zoey Wonders Why. Emily hit the nail on the coffin on what the book is truly about learning more about each other. It's something I believe in should start at an early age where the different tastes, clothes, books. and music are entrenched in the mind of children.

Some more reviews for those that are on the whim to purchase and read the book:

Lessons of Diversity Through Food

"What better way to communicate differences in culture than through food? Nadia Khan does it beautifully through the story of Zoey and her class assignment. With colorful and fun illustrations plus a glossary of terms, this is a great lesson for children to learn about diverse family foods and customs." -Anna Maria- Amazon best selling author about adoption

" This is a delightful story about a little girl who is finding her place and embracing her culture and identity. The book is relatable and authentic for all our kids that come from diverse backgrounds. Thank you for giving another opportunity to kids and families to celebrate their cultural identities!" Heena K.-Child Therapist

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