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Nutley Library Day Read Aloud

The day finally came that I was able to read and share my book Zoey Wonders Why with kids in my local library. I got to read to a vast age group from age 4 to age 8. There were kids that made me feel proud that I did my job as an author. One girl of German and Japanese origin started asking for more information on where her name originated along with her German heritage.

Another little girl requested that her lunch date location be at a restaurant where butter chicken is served and that too from a picky high carb eating child. It felt great as an author, that is what the mind and the pen can do to build up confidence in children is an amazing accomplishment.

May more kids learn more about themselves from Zoey and I hopefully get more traction on book reading to guide parents and kids on learning

more about themselves.

Along with the book read, the Nutley Public Library had craft kits for the kids to do after the book read.

One of the items was to make and design a mirror themselves to see how beautiful and unique each child is. Bookmark designs were available for the older children along with my coloring pages from the book and an activity to determine the origin of the kids names.

It was a fun filled day for all to enjoy in learning more about themselves and being true. Till next time chat with you all soon.

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